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Land use
« on: July 01, 2018, 10:27:34 AM »
  The topic has been brought up several times of land use for off-roading. I believe it should be a continual topic as we get new members here and it just helps to get word out or renewed interest. As many of you know there is a large push to close down areas where we can go wheeling. Johnson Valley, Anza Borrego, Ocotillo Wells, Big Bear, Mojave Desert  have all taken hits in recent times with large areas closed off and slated to be closed off. Without getting into a huge political reasoning as to why it's a fact these areas are being drastically adjusted as to where we can and can't go. My point in this conversation is to try and remind people to please get involved. I know we do the AAT and try to be good stewards of the land when we are out wheeling but we can do more. I believe doing things like joining an organization like is a huge deal. They are very big and have lots of political clout to fight legal battles that directly effect us.

 I believe we out here in the west have some of the best areas to wheel in America with quite a bit of freedoms as to where we can go or camp away from others if we wish to. The guys back east would tell a much different story for their local areas if you can find one. Many that exist you have to pay fees for as they are privately owned. Imagine how terrible it would be if that were to come about out here or if we all had to camp in some huge campground with 425 of out other best friends and their cousins? For me getting out and away from people recharges me. If you look around San Diego and see all the building going on that will tell you something about population growth. Out of that growth many will go out camping and some start off-roading. This leads to a larger land impact and opens doors for area closures and more restrictions. I remember the last several winter Mojave runs and each overnight at Beale Mtn. I see more and more trash everywhere being tossed up into the rocks around that camp from previous "visitors" It gives ammunition to those who would close these areas down or make them too restrictive to enjoy. We do a good job of cleaning up after ourselves and "others" who didn't before us but getting active and joining some of these groups to finance their legal bills has to come from somewhere and that's you and I.
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Re: Land use
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2018, 12:39:14 PM »
Agreed. Well being in Cali, many many close narrow minded people who dont give a rats ass about public property usually are the ones to blame. We just cant beat the sense into them. What other options do we have? those "offroaders" are still going to do the same destructive ways and live on.