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Author Topic: Sleeping Platform and System  (Read 1346 times)


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Sleeping Platform and System
« on: September 04, 2017, 09:31:32 PM »
In the last two years I have done a LOAD of research on different sleeping options to maximize comfort and easy set up/tear down for the Xterra. My current set up, which will also hopefully be the last, includes two Therm-a-rest Dreamtime Mattresses (R-Value of 6) and the Nemo Symphony Duo. I cannot say enough to the comfort of this set up. It is unreal. The pads are a combination of foam and air mattress which is self inflating and are 75"x25" each. The bag is AMAZING! It has a very fine micro fiber top sheet that lets you roll around without binding up, as well as a hood, and button snaps to keep you snug. The bag has 2 slots to accept each of the pads and keeps them in place. It is rated to 25, but it can also be used with just the top sheet portion for warmer nights. I really cannot sing enough praise for this set up. I shopped around and got everything for a steal, putting me somewhere around $300 for EVERYTHING after coupons and some customer service issues with Amazon. This set up would usually run in the $6-700 range.

Sleeping in the back of the X has been great for my wife and I. We love that it keeps up comfortable in high winds and on very cold nights. The one thing that I was always wanting though was a sleeping platform. I loved the idea that you could maximize your sleeping footprint, while gaining storage. What I didn't love was the loss of headroom, and the thought of lugging a massive heap of plywood in and out of the Xterra for camping tips. My solution was fairly simple, a low platform that was modular, easy to set up and tear down, and that would ALMOST maximize the full 50" of sleep space. The increase in height has allowed us to use our pads with no noticeable loss in sleep space, where before, the pads would kink at the wheel wells.

Any who, after looking around for quite a while, I never found a platform that would check all those boxes so with help form the FIL, we made our own. I am really excited with how this turned out. I intend to make a few minor modifications, but they will have to wait until after I test the platform out later this month. Let me know what you think.



3 piece design

Supports extended

Supports stored (these come off and slide under while the outside stay mounted to the rails)


With pad and bag

Some storage access

Bed folded and space for packing


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