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Author Topic: How to fine tune your cb radio!  (Read 8242 times)


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How to fine tune your cb radio!
« on: April 18, 2017, 07:49:11 PM »
Just wanted to share a Youtube video I found on how to fine tune your cb radio antenna since like me there may be long gaps without use and with kids around playing w knobs and non use my cb radio has to get fine tuned when i'm ready to use it again. And then I forget how to do it since its like a once a year task! So heres a video I found today and i followed along and I noticed a big improvement w clarity of the drivers and less overall static. Just save it so u have it for next time around! Easier if u save it to your phone and when ur ready just follow step by step!
Also my suggestion if u dont have a CB radio yet get one with the SWR meter built in like the Cobra Night Watch w Illuminated front panel. Just follow these steps and u will see the difference. The main idea is to get more clear reception with less static and with less power doing it. Also keep in mind I have a Cobra radio w a Wilson 1000 magnet and 62" whip on rooftop. Ive ran this setup on 2 rigs thru the years and have never had any issues! Also I drove near the 10 fwy and parked it in a big open lot for my cb antenna tuning! I heard your supposed to go to a remote area w less interference when fine tuning! I just wanted to get a "I hear u loud and clear" response to my radio check when i was done! I basically just wanted to make sure its working ok. You can fine tune your antenna again at the beginning of your next excursion! Cheers!

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