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Author Topic: Yes we're now living in environments that aren't solely basketball  (Read 133 times)


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Yes we're now living in environments that aren't solely basketball or aren't just video games NBA 2K Coins. So I definitely think that's possible as we grow in the world of culture and where that could be leading us, who knows? Right? It is said that musicians would like to be athletes as well as athletes desire to be musicians. Looking for the best Point Guard build for NBA 2K23? The Point Guard, also called The One or The Point, is often the one with the shortest stature of an NBA team. He also runs the offense similar to a quarterback in the NFL. If you're playing in this role your job is to support teammates in completing offensive play.

The new generation Point Guard build is a shooting and playmaking god of the gods, with decent perimeter defence and a huge badge potential. This build has the potential to achieve an OVR maximum of 99 and is upgradeable to 70 Badge Points. This includes: 18 Finalizing Badge Points, 24 Shooting Badges, 22 Playmaking Badge Points and 6 Defense / Rebounding Badge Points.

This new-gen Point Guard build is a pure shooting and playmaking beast, with just enough on defense to accomplish the task at the perimeter. This build can be upgraded to the highest OVR rating of 99 and can be upgraded with 83 Badge Points. These include 15 Finalizing Badge Points as well as 26 Shooting Badges 29 playmaking Badge Points and 13 Defense / Rebounding Badge Points.

Are you wondering which is the ideal NBA team as Point Guards? Once you've completed your Point Guard build, you'll need to select the NBA team to get recruited to for you to start your MyCareer. Although you're able to go ahead and choose your preferred franchise if you want to be, we've got a few suggestions to you using rosters from the past and how you can best enhance them:

LA Lakers: Russel Westbrook is a solid player, however, with a low rating, you'll be able take his place within the first line of play. You'll be playing with small forward Lebron James as well as Center Anthony Davis in LA, which is why there's a huge advantage to picking those Lakers Cheap 2K23 MT. Miami Heat: At 36-years-old the Heat's current point guard Kyle Lowry is getting on some of his own, and that you'll be able be able to replace him pretty easily.


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