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Welcome To Southern California Club Xterra!

So now that you've found us you're wondering what we are all about. We are a community of Xterra owners dedicated to our trucks and to having a good time. Want to upload your own photos? Show off your toys? Got any questions about modifications for the Xterra? While you're at it stop by the Xcursion board to find out about our next run, event, or just what our members are planning. Then, once you've decided you'd rather join us on the run instead of watching others have all the fun, register for a free account on our on-line forum, so you can let us know, "Hey, I'll be there!"

About SCCX

  • SCCX was founded on November 10, 1999. We are an informal club of Nissan Xterra owners based in and around Southern California. Although the majority of our members drive Xterras, membership is open to ALL offroad capable trucks. Guests and friends are always welcome to join in the fun and ride with the group for some Xcellent times on all the best forest, mountain, desert, and OHV trails around.


  • As a club, our activities are planned around traveling a variety of trails of varying difficulty throughout the Southern California area. This includes traveling to points of interest (ghost towns, mines, fire lookout towers, etc.). In an attempt to satisfy the interests of the greatest number of members, Xcursions are planned to encompass three levels of difficulty: Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced. Please be aware that trail conditions can vary widely, and an ordinarily “easy” trail may become impassable depending on the weather and other conditions beyond our control.


  • SCCX is proud to be a volunteer member of the San Bernardino National Forest Adopt-A-Trail program. SCCX has adopted Trail 2N02/Burns Canyon located in Big Bear. Members are encouraged to join in and help support this important program in an effort to keep our trails open and safe.