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TUFF STUFF 12,500 winch for $285??


hey guys,
 im in the market for a bumper/ winch setup and I came across the tuff stuff electric winch system. They claim it performs just as well as warn for a fraction of the price. theyre Chinese made to Australian specs, now i was having a lil trouble finding alot of reviews on it. So I was wondering if any of you guys dealt with this company yet and possibly have any war stories you could share on the matter. you can check out there gear at:

p.s. do any of you guys have any good leads on bumpers other than shrock, arb, or hefty? nothing to do with quality, im just a lowly college student and bouncer and cant afford droppin 1000 bucks on a bumper lol
                                                                                                 thanks guys

Kyle J. Thompson:
I have never used that winch or really heard of it.

I can say a couple things about the image, it looks to be Mile Marker winch, the controller matches, the mounting of the solenoid, the wiring are near perfect "replicas"... What that meansI dont know. maybe it is made by the same company....I have the Mile Marker and love it (comming from a warn) it has been used hard and never showed weekness. the MM is also a very good buy, done right you can get a 10k# for about that price, and 10k even being overkill for a 1st gen.

For the price, I suppose you could get almost for of the "tuff stuff" winches, for the price of a warn XD9000i....


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